Be The Change

Living in today’s world, we need balance and centering more than ever before.  Everywhere around us we see need, hurting,  challenge, strife and diminishing values in society.  It can be scary at times…frustrating and sometimes we may feel like just giving up!  But here is the real truth…there is still so much good, kindness, helping, opportunity and love in our world…we just have to be open to seeing and receiving it all.  I believe the absolute BEST way to do that is to BE the good, the kindness, the helping, the opportunity and the love in the lives of others.  Whether your hot button is the economy, crime, world hunger, global warming or protecting our endangered environment, take action. Let your voice be heard. Make life better for humankind…you’ll reap the biggest benefit.  Be the change!

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What’s Your Honk?

Geese are the epitome of team players.  They fly in V-formation providing an updraft enabling the entire flock to fly at least 71% farther than if each bird flew solo.  It is said that the honking is their way of encouraging the leader of the flock…or could it be the juveniles are honking “Are we there yet?”  When that leader gets tired, it drops back to benefit from the draft and another bird takes the lead.  Finally, when a goose gets ill or is shot by hunters two other geese will drop out with that goose and stay with it until it is ready to fly again or dies.  That’s called commitment, loyalty, serving and SYNERGY!  We humans can learn a lot about working together for the good of all from the geese!  So, what’s your honk?  

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The Edge

When we walk to the edge

of all the light we have,

and take that step into the darkness of the unknown,

we must believe that one of two things

will happen…

there will be something solid 

for us to stand on 

or we will be taught to fly.

– unkown

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There is an eagle in me that wants to soar, and there is a hippopotamus in me that wants to wallow in the mud. Carl Sandburg

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