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5 Year Old in “Big Church”

One recent Sunday, my daughter and her teammates from their mission trip to Guatemala were being recognized for their work, so the 5 and 8 year old grandchildren went to “big church” with us.  Palm Beach Community Church is a progressive, inclusive Christian church that I really enjoy attending when visiting my family in Florida.  Their music is a big part of their worship service each Sunday.  They have a live band which leads the congregation in contemporary Christian songs.  They are quite talented.  The children enjoyed the music and clapped along in making a “joyful noise unto the Lord.”

One wonders when young children attend “big church” just how much they listen and really take in.  The pastor had said something about someone being 100 years old.  I was sitting in between my two grandchildren and Emma, the 5 year old, looked up at me and said, “Grandma, YOU’RE  almost 100 years old…you’re 67!”  I just smiled at her saying nothing because:

1)  I don’t think anyone has ever told me that I am almost 100 years old and I was surprised; and

2)  My mind drifted off into an explosive thought process of “Gee, she’s right!  I’m 2/3 the way there!”  “Hmmm…I AM nearing 100 years of age because I’m closer to 100 than to 1!”

Then, I began to think about “What have I done with these 67 years?  How have I served God?  What does God think as He sees me living my life and is it at all what He has had in mind for my life?”

BIG QUESTIONS!!  So often, children present some of the most contemplative questions.  This one REALLY got me to thinking and my thoughts quickly went to the spring of 1999 when I was diagnosed with Stage 2 ductal and lobular breast cancer.  Going through the surgeries and chemotherapy that year gave me lots of time to ponder the gift of life from my gracious Creator and how I was chosing to live this gift of life on earth.  I learned some wonderful lessons throughout my breast cancer journey and received a host of blessings which moved me to forming a post breast cancer Life Motto:  “Don’t Waste the Miracle!”  Life itself is, indeed, a miracle.

So, for the 13 years of life I have been blessed with since that diagnosis, it has been my goal to love more deeply, to laugh more joyously and to create nurturing memories in as much of my living as possible.  I want my two daughters and four grandchildren to get every possible ounce of goodness that God and I can help create while I am here.  Little tiny bits of joy with a loving mother/grandmother that they can cling to and draw from when I am no longer here…that’s my goal.

So, yes, Miss Emma, I am almost 100!  Thank you, dear, for the shocking reminder!! 🙂


  1. 7-24-2012

    Love this! And yes, by this measure you are almost 100! LOL! BUT, the inspiration you have instilled in me (and others I am sure…heck…I KNOW!) is enough for 10 people of almost 100 years! I love your spirit and your zest for life, God’s creation, and His intentions. I love you MORE than a gazillion years worth. 🙂

    • 7-24-2012

      I love you more!!!! You give me so much joy in my life and are one of God’s greatest blessings. Thank you for being who you are!!!

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