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Gettin’ High

God’s creativity in designing nature for our living and enjoying truly amazes me.  I remember driving back from a little shopping trip in Salisbury, NC with my mother.  I was in my late teens.  We had just passed by a field green with the fresh birth of the sprouting crop, and I said to my mother, “Mother, you will never have to worry about me smoking pot or taking drugs to get high, because all I have to do is just look at the green field over there and I feel high as can be!”  It’s so true for me…I am inspired by nature’s beauty whether it be majestic mountains, the vast ocean, wildflowers or birds and sea turtles.  It ALL gives me great joy, peaceful feelings and reminds me of how great God’s love for each of us is!

I especially enjoy the contemplation on His inspiring artistic creation of how it all works together.  I’ll have to admit, though, too much focus on the food chain itself gives me a little nudge over to the “Oh, I DON”T want to see THAT.”  I recall watching a bird cam video of a robin’s nest with three little heads with gaping mouths to get the worm the mama robin would bring back to nourish her babies.  Away the mother robin flew to get more and without warning a squirrel jumped on the nest and began to kill and devour the babies.  I saw it before I could turn away.  As grossed out as I was I reminded myself of that was just a part of nature.

So, God made the cat’s tongue rough so that it could gather hairs as it cleans itself.  He created the chameleon with a body that could adapt to changing its color to blend in with its environment for protection from its predators.

The birds that I love so and give me so much enjoyment also can alert us to coming weather changes.  These are the things of which we are aware, but just imagine all that exists about which we know NOTHING!

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