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The City of Statesville, NC, All-America City in 1997 & 2010, has been known for many years as the City of Progress.  The name was appropriately chosen because our fine, small city has many attributes that have guided and nourished our community for many decades.  We have a progressive-thinking City Council which has done both 1) seek to function on the cutting edge of services to the community and 2) grow within the parameters of conservation of our historical and cultural values.

Citizens of our community are generous, compassionate and hard working in support of their own families as well as support for the greater, common good.  We have an excellent public school district and various charter and private schools in addition to our outstanding Mitchell Community College.  We have a diversified business and industrial community which provides great opportunities to our working families.  We have good healthcare institutions and our own regional airport to support our business needs.

The cultural make-up of Statesville is such that we have a great mix of native and transplants which compose a rich multi-racial community of Caucasions, African-Americans, Japanese, Hispanics, and others.  Our community has many diverse religious centers and places of worship for protestant, Jewish, Catholic, and Muslim citizens.  Two such centers Congregation Emanuel Jewish Synagogue and First Presbyterian Church, across the street from one another, collaborate each year in offering Issue Discussions to the community and volunteering to keep the nurseries for each others congregations during special Holy days. Congregation Emanuel was established in Statesville in 1883 and First Presbyterian Church in 1764.

Statesville is a designated Tree City USA and a stated Bird Sanctuary.  Our town is beautiful with many oak, maple, crepe myrtle and dogwood lined streets and numerous Victorian homes.  The downtown area is currently undergoing an architectural make-over into an attractive and inviting cityscape.  Statesville is full of National Historic Society properties.  A great place to live, work and visit!

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