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A Hoping God?

Thankfully, we know God is a God of Hope.   But do we think that He is also a Hopeful God?   God loves each of us whether we are firmly in His camp or whether we have stepped off the path of righteousness and are losing our souls to evil.  He still loves us.

We must realize that our God is always ready to receive us and forgive us but we must repent and seek His gracious gift of forgiveness.  While we are separated from God by sin, He is hopeful that His child will return and come to His open door.  God, the Creator of the Universe, is hoping with all hope that we will return to Him.  Would you intentionally refuse the Giver of Life?  I believe that we refuse our Lord without realizing it sometimes and continue moving further away but are unaware. 

When you are hoping for something or for someone, you know what that feels like.  The big game is to be played and you are really hoping your team will win.  We’re down to the last few minutes of the game.   Can you feel that in your chest right now?  You’re hoping for the phone call from the doctor with test results will be what you want to hear.  Or perhaps you’re going to propose to your chosen mate for life and you are REALLY hoping she will say YES!  Feel that anticipation??   How long do we have to wait and hope? 

The REAL question is how long does God have to wait for us?  How long does His hope for us have to last?

HOPE and God.  I most often think of that as a blessing, a gift from God and it is one for which I am so very thankful.  Just recently, though, my thinking has been focused on the HOPE that God experiences in every nano-second of life…our lives.  What is it that I am making God hope for in my life?  I do believe that there are some who go through their entire lives without a thought of God, not believing that He even exists.  Yet God is there right up until the final seconds of those lives HOPING that they will recognize Him and seek Him.  Amazing that He, the all powerful and all knowing God is there with a HOPING heart…all that time…for every soul created.

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!


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