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A New Year…FULL!

I’ve thought a lot about how to celebrate the New Year’s arrival.  We’re so surrounded with sickness, sorrow and loss it seems, so it seems a little inappropriate to say to those folks experiencing those things, “Happy New Year!”  Though, I do want them to be happy and have a good year.  So, my thought process has led me to identifying what really makes me happy.

It starts with PEACE…for all… and let it begin with me!

JOY…from whence comes your JOY???

HOPE…HOPE is like washing the windows of our minds and souls, wiping out our pain & sorrow, restoring us to the place where we can see beyond and a better day.

LOVE.  “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” New Living Translation (©2007)

So, if everyone…in Statesville, in NC, in the USA, in the world…would live to create peace for all in what we say and do, can you imagine how much more peaceful our world would be?

If we could see our words and actions as “fairy dust of some sort” and from all our interactions with others would fall a covering of JOY to the WORLD!  Interesting to contemplate.

And when we learn of pain and sorrow in someone’s life, a word of caring, acknowledgement, and the gift of our enduring presence with them will spring up a river of hope in their heart…and ours.

So, I wish for all a 2013 Full of Peace, Joy, Hope and LOVE…which makes this all possible!


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    Well said _Pat

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