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A Pink Respite

Though we don’t always act on our knowledge, most would agree that we all need a brief respite now and then.  The last few months have been one huge push for me…get my house in NC ready to sell; sell it; find a new place to live in FL; and pack up for the BIG move to my new home in FL.  Even then, it has been a daily regimen of unpacking boxes, finding places for the things that make it “home” and de-clutter even more.  Push, push push.

As God our Creator was designing and creating our world, even He knew to set a day aside for rest.  If God Almighty needs a respite here and there, why in this world would we not recognize that more often???

Yesterday, I decided I was doing myself an injustice to not take a break.  So, I packed my beach chair in the car and got a bottle of water and drove the five minutes to some of the most beautiful great waters of our world, the Atlantic Ocean.  In south Florida, the water is a lovely blue-green as we live in a sub-tropical weather area.  The sun was bright, the sand was very warm and the water refreshing just to look at, though there were plenty swimming and surfing.

I found my little spot and got my chair positioned, sat down and pointed my face to the warmth of the sun.  I briefly opened my eyes to see a beautiful sight…there must have been 15-20 brown pelicans flying so serenely without even a flap of the wing right overhead…VERY close!  I could see their eyes.  They are one of my favorite water birds because of their having fought their way back after nearly becoming extinct as a result of the widely used DDT.  Quietly, I scolded myself for not bringing my camera…but then, I realize I actually saw more and soaked it in more deeply just observing instead of working to get the picture.  They were so peaceful and beautiful…just coasting so close.

Tonight, I was thinking about that moment and how long distance birds conserve energy and take rest.

This photo of a sweet Roseate Spoonbill at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge taking respite speaks to the natural order of life as God created it…

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