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A Place of Prayer

Sometimes I step into a place, my soul quiets and prayers seem to lift up with just a simple breath.  These are places of reverence, of peacefulness offering veneration to our Creator with their existence.  For me these special yet simple environs often are where I am especially awed by God’s hand in Creation…the beauty of nature.  It could be an unexpected field of sunflowers framed by green trees and the bluest of skies or it might be a lovely old church in a quiet marshland setting.

Last week as I was driving back to NC from FL, stopping along the way to experience some of the roads less traveled, I ventured off I-95 to Bluffton, SC.  Bluffton is a quiet Lowcountry town near Hilton Head, SC.  It is rich with history and one of the town’s churches, the Episcopal Church of the Cross, is on the National Registry of  Historic Places.  The church was consecrated in 1857 and sits on a bluff of the May River.  Bluffton was a Confederate headquarters in the Civil War and when Federal troops invaded the town, most of the structures were burned down.  Two churches were spared with Church of the Cross being one.  The Federal troops took the church bell but it was found later and rings today during services.

Church of the Cross is a Gothic cypress building with lovely arched windows with pink glass from England.  Sitting right on the bluff of the river with the rich green marshland’s wildlife and sub-tropical vegetation as its neighbors, one quickly feels the ambiance  squelching any stress or hurried lifestyle.  Hence, I pray.

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