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A Sight to Behold

One of my favorite past times is birding in wetlands.  Waterfowl are especially interesting to me.  I enjoy their beauty and the way God programmed them to live, raise families and survive in nature. Early in my birding years, the first Anhinga I encountered literally brought me to tears.  I was walking around a lake on Hilton Head Head Island, SC, in the Sea Pines Forest Preserve.  Chasing after a rather elusive Pileated Woodpecker, I was patient hoping for the perfect photography opportunity.  I captured numerous “less than perfect” shots of the woodpecker and decided to walk to the shell ring area left nearly 4,000 years ago by Native Indians who traveled to our east coast.  This shell ring is amazing, but that’s another entire post for later.

As I walked down the trail beside a lake, I glanced over at the water and the view literally took my breath away.  There sitting on a piece of an old tree sticking out of the water was a majestic looking Anhinga with its wings spread all the way out showing a gorgeous pattern of white stripes on it’s wings…very Native American looking design to me.  Once I cleared my eyes of tears, I began focusing in on the bird praising God as I zoomed and focused.  Such beauty, I thought.  Thank you, Lord!  The bird remained in that perfect position as I was amazed at the time he was giving me to photograph.  His reflection in the water was just lovely!  I had no idea what kind of bird this was but I DID know that I felt blessed to be viewing it.  Once I identified and researched the bird’s identity, I learned that they have no oil glands in their feathers so following  diving and feeding in the water, they stand fanning out their wings to allow their feather to dry.  Just a little nugget of information but such detail that our Creator went to in their life design.  🙂

Fast forward a few years and I see these interesting birds all the time now in low-country SC, Georgia and Florida.  I remember this first experience every single time I photograph these birds years later.

Joy repeated!!


  1. 8-26-2013

    Are you in Florida? This photo was taken earlier I guess if you picked up Emma. The bird is beautiful and your blog is excellent as usual. One of my favorite classes was on wetlands.

    • 8-27-2013

      Oh, yes, I’m in FL. A recent photo of another anhinga reminded me of the 1st I saw so I thought I would share about that one and the experience. Linda, so glad you’re enjoying my blog! Thanks for your comments!

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