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A Wrist Alarm to Be Imposed??

I suppose that to get to the blessings of the Lenten season, we must actively do penance.  I mean, we know we sin, I know there are things that stand between God and me and our closeness, so I must go through the process of identifying my shortcomings, truly contemplate them and ask for God’s forgiveness.  And I will get that.  But, then, the really hard work follows.

I must work diligently to correct my wrong doings or the things of which I am guilty by omission.  The things I could do, I should do that would really make a difference and, yet, somehow they just don’t get done.

Now, instead of thinking of things I do that are not good for ME…like OK, from now on I am going to wear a wrist alarm that will blast out alarms when I open the ICE CREAM case at Publix or pick up a pack of my favorite cookies from the bakery.  You know, if I actually shopped that way I could lose a lot more weight and get better blood work reports.  But, I don’t have that wrist alarm that probably would go straight to 911 and Publix might even go into lockdown!!!  No, I just have a conscience or inner voice guiding me to make the right choices.  And even though every time I hear my conscience telling me not to buy the ice cream, I buy the ice cream.  I’m better on somethings, but that is one I must work on!   🙁

But, this year in Lent, I am working to identify my behaviors or lack of that are not good/helpful to other people.  My behaviors that offend God.  Really, offend God?  That right there was hard for me to even type, yet, I know God wants and needs more from me.

God, the Creator of the Universe and the lover of my soul, breathe into me the fullness of your love so that I may live life more fully within Your commandment of love.  Inspire me, Father, to more actively reach out and stretch really hard to seek where I am needed.  I lay at the foot of the cross of our Christ Jesus, all my shortcomings, and trust that you will nourish me with you Word and fill me with your grace and  gentle mercy as we celebrate the feast of the Resurrection of Christ.

Lent, a time of reflection, decisions, renewal through the journey of our Lord Jesus Christ



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