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Ah…A Moment for Myself!

Most of us require some amount of alone time or privacy.  Some of us could easily become a bit like hermits cherishing those alone and quiet, undisturbed moments.  Quiet time is quite valuable in my world of contemplation, prayer and writing.  Blessed peace.

In bird watching, we learn quickly that we humans must exercise caution in moving about too rapidly and take care not to talk openly scaring away the birds. Our “subjects” are much like us in that they know there is safety in being inconspicuous and not drawing attention to themselves.  I enjoy capturing a photo of a bird that appears to have retreated a bit and has achieved some quiet time out of the lime light, such as this photo of my resident mockingbird.  He’s more often perched up high on the holly reigning over his self-claimed kingdom watching and, sometimes controlling, activity.

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