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Amazing God

When my daughter was young, maybe 5 or 6 years old, she would sometimes come downstairs after we had put her to bed and tell us she was afraid her heart would stop beating.  I was surprised by this because I thought it was such a “deep thought” for a child her age.  I honestly don’t know that I had ever even thought about that possibility.  We would go back upstairs with her, tuck her back into bed and talk for a little bit.  We assured her that God made our bodies such that we didn’t need to even think about our heart continuing to beat because it was just an automatic thing in how He created us.  When she was settled, she would go right on to sleep.

It REALLY is an amazing way that God created our entire world, nature and our human bodies.  My father’s side of our family has a strong history of heart disease and other cardiac issues.  I, now in my 60s, have had an irregular heart beat managed by medication since my late 30s.  Just 2 years ago I experienced a supra ventricular tachycardia (SVT) and ultimately needed a cardio ablation at Wake Forest Medical Center to zap away two faulty “circuits” in my heart so that I would achieve more regular, dependable beating of my heart.  I am amazed by how the medical field has advanced our technology today that saves lives.  I am one who believes they do that with God’s blessing.

But much more AMAZING is the fact that God…our Creator, the Creator of the universe sustains us with His love EVERY single moment of our lives.  How POWERFUL that love is!  It is always there.  It never takes a nap, much less a vacation.  We go about our daily lives, busying ourselves with our work, family activities and other things…most of the time without even thinking about the Ruler of the World…but He, on the other hand, doesn’t let a moment pass that He is not loving us through each of our steps.  In fact, He takes those steps before us, beside us, He even has our back.  We are always on His mind and His love never fails, even through the absolute worst days in our lives here on earth.

The thought of God loving me every single moment is something on which I depend and I am truly in awe of His MAGNITUDE!

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