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An Extraordinary Destiny

When we think about our destiny, I imagine we most often think that our destiny is set for us.  But, I believe that we do find that our perspective on life itself … our life journey, truly can impact our destiny.  C.S. Lewis offers clarity on this I think, “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny…”  Do you know people like that?

In the midst of hardships in our lives we might not think then that suffering through that existence is going to result in a really good thing, but it surely can.

David knew he had sinned against God and wrote a prayer of penitence in Psalm 32.  For me, I find solace and security in this scripture in Psalm 32:7… “You are my hiding place, you will preserve me from trouble, you will surround me with songs of deliverance.”  I know that there will be troubles along my journey, but I also blieve God’s promises that He walks right there with me and I do hear those songs of deliverance.  What a gift it is from our Heavenly Father that He wants to be our hiding place and the scriptures draw us into His divine and steadfast presence, His love and forgiveness and His great comfort.

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