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And They Who Suffer…

Today I ponder the struggles that many have in their daily lives…how they get through each day, what challenges they face and also how WE can help.  In today’s society, there is much emphasis placed on happiness and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  Nothing wrong with achieving happiness in our own lives…right…as long as our happiness is not the only happiness we seek and as long as our happiness does not injur others.

Scripture tells us so much about life, living, faith, trust, serving, love and…suffering.  Suffering can be physical pain, health crises, loss of love, financial hardship, grief, loneliness, depression, and just plain “getting the short end of the stick in life.”  Through our suffering, it often breaks us down and creates a vacuum.  and there is that word…vacuum.  So, do we need a vacuum cleaner for life, a magic wand?  Oh, well we joke about magic wands, don’t we!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they really did exist. Hmmm.

So, how do we fill those vacuums of life?  Just ask someone you know who has a chronic illness how they get through each day and you will hear many answers…prayer, reading a good book, a good sense of humor, strong determination, fighting souls, laughter, compassionate friends, drugs, alcohol, doing something for someone else…what???  Doing something for someone else???  But we thought you were the one who needed help.

From my life experience, every time I find myself being challenged to the point of suffering whether it was losing a parent, experiencing ravaging chemotherapy, going through infidelity and divorce, chronic illnesses, etc., I have found that God finds ways to fill that void in me with unimaginable love, impactful life lessons, opportunities for me to serve & praise Him and reach out to others in their times of need.

Today, there are so many people suffering from chronic illnesses, political distress, extreme anxiety, fear and the list goes on and on.  So what can we do to help?

  • First, PRAY for the person, friend, family member, yourself;
  • AKNOWLEDGE the person’s suffering.  Many suffer in silence because their villian is invisible;
  • If they want to talk, LISTEN!
  • Express your CARING through a phone call, a note, asking how you can HELP (then do that thing);
  • DON’T stay away!  BE PRESENT to this person suffering;
  • If this person has children, INCLUDE them in activities outside the home;
  • Send a flower, have a meal delivered, get creative.

I recall during months of chemotherapy when I was too sick to do much of anything, I found out long after that struggle was over that my sister-in-law (without my knowing) drove to my house and watered my window boxes so my flowers survived the hot summer months.  Those living, beautiful red geraniums gave me a spurt of joy as I would leave the house for another chemo treatment. 🙂

John 15:12 – “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”

God is ready to use you to share His love to our hurting world.  Raise your hand high and shout “I’m ready, Lord, choose me, order my steps!”

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