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Balancing Act…Life!

I am a Libra.  The Libra Zodiac sign is the Scales of Balance.  We weigh everything…I weigh too much, figuratively and literally!  In life, as decision-making time greets me, I find myself looking at all perspectives, angles and weighing consequences.  Life, itself is a balancing act.  Thank goodness, God provides me a spiritual guide in Christ.

When my little granddaughter was about 15-months old, a late walker, she was in physical therapy while I was visiting.  She loved to play the “games” the physical therapist used to help her in her development.  Fun to watch with smiles all around.  THEN, without warning the terrified screaming began!  I wondered what was wrong.  The therapist had brought out the balance board…I remembered that from my post-knee replacement PT!  Little Emma was, indeed, super afraid of it.  I was shocked to see such a reaction from her when walking on a balance beam seemed fun to her.  What was it about this square board on a roller that literally pulled the rug out from under her?  I concluded LACK OF CONTROL.

Fast-forward 5 years and Miss Emma is running races and zooming around the house, twirling around as a ballerina with little care about “balancing.”

But, what about the rest of us?  I think the older and more experienced in life, we SEE more in life that needs balance.  What we eat and drink, level of exercise, giving and taking in relationships, sleep and relaxation vs. work, fun and play, contributing to society, the environment, time with God.  The list goes on and on and on.

My niece, who has since her battle with meningitis a year ago…a young mother and wife…has had to balance so much, things over which she has no control.  We have seen her so sick that we could have lost her.  Praise God we did not!  In and out of the hospital weeks at a time, high-powered meds, scans, collapsing veins, 9 lumbar punctures, two spinal surgeries where lumbar shunts failed and then, brain surgery to implant a cerebral shunt and the list goes on with Sally’s recovery.

Sally has taught us so much through her ability in balancing life through unforeseen circumstances.  Circumstances no one would dare choose yet she has chosen to remain faithful and positive as she learns EVERY SINGLE DAY of new challenges, new perspectives, new NORMALS and walking a tightrope that seems to wobble just enough to unsettle any of us…maybe like my sweet little Emma’s balance board.  Except Sally is not screaming!  

Sally knows on what she has control and her faith, her courage and her great sense of humor are in fine shape!  So proud of you and love you, girl! 

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