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Be The Reason

Being kind to someone is one of the easiest things to do that has the greatest impact on the life of another person.  Kindness is an extension of a loving heart.  Charles Dickens said ” A loving heart is the truest wisdom.”

A word of encouragement, the gift of a smile, acknowledgement of worth and value all speak acceptance to others and we all have a need to belong.  Each of our days is filled with one opportunity after another to extend an act of kindness to others, to live in harmony as opposed to discord, to be an enabler instead of an obstacle, to make good things happen as opposed to creating conflict and to make hearts feel good, tummies to be satisfied and faces to smile.

Sometimes we may not think that we have anything to “give” to another person.  But we should think about the people at work, customers, suppliers, family members, our friends, the people we meet in traffic or out shopping…they all have their own needs, problems and joys.  Its amazing what a spoken or written word of appreciation to a co-worker can do to help heal a heart that perhaps was wounded prior to arriving at work.

We have the opportunity to influence others with just being ourselves and sharing a smile.

Be the reason someone smiles today!!!


  1. 1-6-2015

    Wonderful message, Pat. Just before reading this, I was on the phone with my “younger” first cousin. He had some concerns which he shared with me and I was able to give him the reassurance of my help.

    • 1-7-2015

      Shelley, you know your gifts well and share them with those you encounter quite well! 🙂

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