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Being Ourselves

One of the things I enjoy so much about birding is that there is so much beauty from Creation  that no one seems to feel the need put on airs, no pun intended. Take this photo of the Tri-colored Heron, for example.  He is comfortable with himself in his breeding plumage that I could see him selected for walking down a designer’s platform strutting his stuff.  Tall skinny legs…so he can wade in somewhat deep water, body high up but sharply focused eyes seeing through the water to potential dinner.  His lengthy, knuckled toes would make a podiatrist or foot-surgeon happy for shoes would certainly cramp his style.  But the size of those designer toes have purpose, to grab & hold tightly, balancing our waterfowl seeker-of-food on the move.  His long, sharply pointed bill aids him in spearing or clamping down on the prize which he can deftly devour in a quick swallow or take back to the nest for the little fuzzy-headed ones waiting!

Now, picture him strutting down the platform, cameras snapping as did mine, capturing the unique and colorful headgear.  His entire head can go under water and with just one twist-and-shake of his head, the style is back!

So, what’s all the fuss among the humans?  Do we not know that God put even more time and effort in our design?  Perhaps, it’s simple perspective.

At any rate, I stand amazed at the beauty of the birds and their eager display of their acceptance…they are what they are!!!

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