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Beyond Sight

So often, we find ourselves in circumstances where all we really want to do is “Get Out!”  Retreating, giving up, withdrawing are ways of coping and we all, most likely, have taken those paths at sometime or another.  Of course, there are times that those options just might be the best thing for us to do.

But, more often, I think, when we face harsh and devastating circumstances, we might WANT to retreat but what will actually get us out is standing firm, waiting and trusting that God will lead us out of our wilderness.  It’s extremely difficult and challenging, but remaining faithful and working towards God’s will and timing allows us to remain positive and receive His blessing.

Just in the last few months, some of my family and friends have found themselves in unbearable circumstances…situations in which they did nothing to cause.  Many of us have wondered, “How do they do this?  How in this world are they holding themselves up?  What’s going to happen?”  The truth is that they have help staying “up.”  They all have faith in God as our Creator, our Savior and the Lover of our Souls.  They trust that God will see them through their walk in the wilderness and lead them to solutions.  They also know that their community of believers are lifting them up in prayers from which they gain strength and courage.

Many times, our wilderness walks are long…way too long, we think.  These wanderings in the wilderness are often filled with obstacles, winding paths, pitfalls and forks in the road where we have choices to make.  Questions present themseves:  “How did I get here?”  “Where do I go from here?”  “Will this ever be over or am I going to be in this wilderness forever?”

For my friends and family, I have seen them wrestle with these questions, while at the same time, remain faithful and trust in God’s wisdom.  Imagine yourself wandering in a wilderness that is completely foreign to you.  Is there ANYONE you would rather have at your side, taking those steps right with you, leading you to your choices than God our Creator?  Many times we find that just staying the course and pushing through is the best choice we can make.  And, even in the worst of circumstances as we wander, we realize that along with those bumps in the road and the horrific pitfalls, we receive blessings and lessons that enrich our lives forever…ones we would not have experienced had we not been in that wilderness trying like crazy to get out.

Looking past our circumstances…beyond what we know, see & feel, there is always something lurking just around the corner and it just might be an opening out of the wilderness into the most beautiful light imagineable…crafted by our Great Creator & Tour Guide.

Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow!

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