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We had a  chilly, windy day at the office with construction going on nearby.  We noticed the mother bird nervously encouraging her fledglings out of the nest…I think the noise spelled danger to her.  Towards the end of the day, we heard one little bird chirping over and over.  We saw him on top of a picnic table outside our building.  

At the end of the day, a co-worker and I left noticing the lone bird was gone.  We were so concerned about the windy chill in the air.  As we walked to our cars we could hear that little chirp.  We quietly followed the chirp to the edge of our parking lot lined with trees and thick brush.  I told my co-worker, “We’ll never see it in all this!’

Then, the view absolutely took my breath a way!  We saw not just the lone bird but all five babies huddled together on a branch…the mother not too far away watching carefully.  I got our office camera quickly saying to myself over and over as I walked, “Please still be there, please still be there.”  There they were and I think this is my most treasured photo of all I have ever taken.

I recall my mother’s words during my childhood, “Birds of a feather, stick together.”  They certainly do!

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