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Black Headed Gull

Sea gulls are some of the most entertaining birds that people really enjoy along the shore.  There are 50-60 different types of gulls with varying wing colors, bills and feet which help to identify them.  Sea gulls are scavengers eating fish, crustaceans, worms etc.  Vacationing families can be seen on the beach sharing a loaf of bread and the gulls come in close thrilling the little children.  Gulls are opportunistic feeders, so they go where the food is.  This answers the question many ponder when they live in the mid-west USA and see congregations of sea gulls in store parking lots.  With all the focus on a clean environment and anti-littering campaigns, we humans still leave behind plenty of trash that the gulls are happy to feed on.  The sad thing is that inside that bag with a half-eaten burger may be a plastic top to a bottle of milk.  Devouring that can kill a bird quickly.  Enjoy the sea gulls, wherever you find them, but keep your litter to yourself…the gulls will have plenty to eat as they scavenge about the area!

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