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Breast Cancer Awareness

It’s October again and that means cooler days & nights, the fall foliage expressing its beauty, ghosts and goblins here and there as well as a focus, thankfully, on Breast Cancer Awareness.  When I was diagnosed in the spring of 1999, I was given a 70% chance of surviving  five years.  Surgeries, chemotherapy and ten years of hormone therapy gave me the best chance to live the longest possible.  I feel very blessed to be living joyfully 14 years later.  Thank you, Lord!

I was committed to helping others understand that early detection saves lives  so that others might avoid all that comes with the diagnosis and treatment. I found my lump myself even though I had had the prescribed mammograms and regular check-ups.  Doctors say that mine had most likely been growing inside me for 8 years.  It was large and had spread to one of 24 lymph nodes removed.  Had I not detected the lump, my outcome could have been very different. Self-exams are such an easy thing to do.  Hang a reminder card in the shower and on the 1st of the month EVERY month, let those ten fingers do a most important check on you.  It could truly save your life!

Don’t put it off.  Don’t think “I’m too young.”  Don’t think,”I don’t have a family history so I don’t need to be concerned.”  I had no family history of breast cancer except for an uncle.  YES!!  My uncle.  Men get breast cancer too, so everyone needs to do self exams.

How important is this?  Well, in these 14 years I have lived & loved since my diagnosis & treatment, I have had two more grandchildren born, I have seen one of my daughters marry and have built meaningful memories with my family and friends.  My faith is stronger and I am so grateful for each day I have.

My post breast cancer life motto is “Don’t Waste the Miracle!”  And I am not!  Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow.

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