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Cardinal: “These Are the Rules of My Yard”

The birds that frequent my backyard feeders have grown to 21 species now and it is heart-warming to see them  get along, take turns and co-exist in harmony.  Though it may be  the plan of nature for them to bicker from time to time, this disturbs me.  When the House Sparrow Bullies arrived, I quickly determined how to get rid of them while not discouraging my “friendlier” feathered friends.

About 10 days ago, I was thrilled to catch sight of my first Yellow-bellied Sapsucker at my suet feeder.  He was just chipping away and enjoying the treat while I was enjoying the photo op his arrival presented.  Then, came Mr. Cardinal, the most recent “manager of the backyard.”  The beautiful robust cardinal landed right on top of the opposite corner of the suet feeder and the sapsucker certainly took notice.  I LOVED their interaction and imagined this exchange of thoughts:

Cardinal:  “Well, so you’re the new kid on the block!  Glad to have you as long as you realize I am in charge here!”

Sapsucker:  “Uh, sure thing…the suet is really tasty.  Now, tell me, please, do I also have to be on the lookout for a mockingbird here?

Cardinal:  “Haven’t seen him lately.  Just hang with me, kid.”

And all was well…

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