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Celebrate Earth Day Everyday

What a gift God’s creation is to each of us.  In our busy lives, we move about in our own “little worlds” accomplishing our objectives or at least aspiring to them.  That’s a good thing!  But, often, I think we get so caught up in our busyness that we fail to notice and appreciate the great beauty in which we live.  Kids are great to point out some of the simple beauties of nature that we, otherwise, might overlook.

Today, the world celebrates Earth Day.  Eskimos, desert-dwellers, urban citizens, slum inhabitants, those wh0 till the land and folks spending their days on the lovely oceans of our world…we live and appreciate in different ways.  Maybe we don’t celebrate as such, but our earth feeds us, houses us and inspires us.  It’s worth protecting and caring for so that the generations of our future can reap the benefits.

Living now in South Florida, every day I am fortunate to live in which many of us refer to as “paradise.”  Our natural communities are inhabited by magnificent wildlife…many endangered and protected.  Our “paradise” is their home and we are privileged to walk among them and see the glory of God’s creation in great awe.  I have found myself wondering at times that I sense stress on the wildlife, “what if it all just went away?”  That thought gives me the opportunity to refocus my appreciation and respect for our earth and the way it all works together…or not.

God tucks glorious surprises into His creation for us to enjoy like this lovely Swamp Hibiscus in the midst of a swampy wetland. Often, it takes my breath away when I discover.

I like this quote from Albert Einstein – “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Join me, please, in recommitting your advocacy for protecting our earth…the great gift that it is!!!


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