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Color Purple in Lent

The color purple represents  royalty and in the Christian church, is also celebrates through the pain and suffering Christ endured and leads us to the hope of  newness in His resurrection on Easter morning.  Christians around the world have been focusing on the season of Lent as we prepare for Easter.  How do we prepare?  Some choose to fast and young children are sometimes introduced to fasting or sacrificing by choosing to “give up” something they especially enjoy for the 40 weekdays of Lent.  Discipline is one of the ways we prepare for Easter and disciplining ourselves is not always easy to accomplish.

For me, the main idea of observing Lent, is to set aside time for reflection on Christ, himself, and what He experienced for our salvation.  As we move our way toward the joy of Easter, we must  consider the journey that our Lord took…the sacrifice, pain and suffering,  the steps He took that led to His death and burial, and finally, His resurrection.  Many Christians observe Lent as a time of prayer and strengthening our spirituality.

Prayer, especially one of penance, helps me to refocus the days of my life and ponder my own short-comings when I can prayerfully ask  God’s forgiveness and guidance in living a life more glorifying to God.  What Grace there is in the blessed assurance of Christ’s great gift to each of us.


  1. 3-27-2012

    Thank you Pat..that is very beautiful.

    • 3-27-2012

      Thanks so much, Joanne.

  2. 3-27-2012

    lovely, dear. purple is MY color, as well!

    • 3-27-2012

      After all, you ARE royalty! 🙂

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