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David and Goliath…in the Avian World

I love the underdog.  Winning underdogs quickly become my heroes.  Now, God has graced me with a true-to-the-spirit love of nature…especially birds.  So, watching, feeding, learning from and sharing my backyard birds with others is joyous to me.  My photography skills have grown into more than a pass time or leisure activity.  Some say it all brings out the best in me.  WELL!  Today, two of my frequent bird visitors…no, they are residents…stirred up a vengeful feeling  and some jeering that I do NOT admire.  Here’s what happened…

I had been working at my computer and was on a business call when I noticed my ever-watchful mockingbird swoop down from his perch high on the holly tree and dive-bomb my precious, tiny little female downy woodpecker as she just arrived to nourish herself at the suet feeder.  Immediately, I wanted to scream but couldn’t because I was still on that call.  I did watch the mocking bird to see if he was going to grab a bite while down from his monitoring post.  But, NO!  He just flew right back up to take his reign again.  So, in essence, he just didn’t want the little downy to eat.  Bad, bad bird!  Very quickly I saw a Tufted Titmouse fly in and it was interested in some suet as well.  Right on cue, down came the mockingbird and scared that little bird away.  I began to feel the anger rising.

Mockingbirds are known to be very territorial and dive-bombing dogs, cats, even people.   But, I…being the bird-lover that I am, have included the mockingbird in my enjoyment and love and probably have from time to time been an obnoxious “not in my backyard” advocate for my kind, more socially adept mockingbird.  After all, he makes me laugh when he tries to eat from the twirling suet feeder and his big body drops straight down to the ground.  I get great entertainment watching him bathe in a soft rain!  But, today was different.  I thought to myself, “It’s a good thing I don’t have a pellet gun.”

But, a few minutes later, my applauding, jeering and “at-aways”  burst from my lips as I saw FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER the little downy had perched herself high up on the holly tree!  That mockingbird thinks he OWNS the holly tree.  I enjoyed that moment immensely as she carefully looked up, looked to the right and to the left.  No mockingbird in sight.  So, she just sat there for a while, basking in the sun and the knowledge that she was in control, in HIS tree and her self-esteem was soaring.

I grabbed my camera and captured the triumphant moment.  

The little downy then flew to the suet feeder she loves and nourished her winning spirit…and mine, as well!

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  1. 12-9-2011

    I love that story. I know somebody else that will love this “so there!” story. 🙂

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