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Dead Albatross Key to Our Future?

Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a bird consuming all this plastic trash thinking it was food.  But, the albatross is known for foraging over open oceans in search for food. Whatever they see, that scoop it up and take it back to their home to eat and to feed their chicks.  Sad.  Scary, too. Thanks to Chris Jordan for this photo to alert us.  

We are such a consumer-focused society that one by one we add to the trash from our homes, our schools, our workplaces and when we travel.  If you’re sitting out on a boat in the ocean and drop a plastic pottle, you might think, “Oh, well, what’s one bottle in the midst of an ocean?”  Right?  Wrong!

You probably have heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that is a floating mass of trash/garbage…about 3.5 TONS of garbage!  Some estimate that the floating heap of trash is about twice the size of TEXAS!  We’re talking about approximately 538,000 square miles of trash. It’s a floating junk yard!  Much of it comes from land, one estimate being 80% of the floating junk yard comes from irresponsible disposal of trash on land and eventually makes it to the oceans.

Our oceans are the biggest connection humans have to Creation and the beginning of our world.

Think about it!

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