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Everybody’s Got to Learn!

It’s a rainy day off and on.  Good day to work at my computer and view the wildlife out my window as they move about as the rain subsides.  Mockingbird, European Starling, Tufted Titmouse, cardinals and….the bluebird I haven’t seen recently at my feeders.  The bluebird gives me a peaceful and blessed feeling they are so pretty.

I saw a flash of brown.  Grabbed my camera and kept snapping away.  What is that?  Too fast and skippy for me to get a good shot as he jumped from one branch to another, turning around and all I get is the backside.  THEN, my opportunity!

There he is perched, still, looking right in the window at me.  It’s a young Carolina Wren…flitting, jumping, then mesmerized at my sight, I suppose.  I see his fuzzy, feathery chest and tummy area moving with the breeze and that precious little expression we see on fledglings’ faces.  The mouth looking as if he is bewildered and desperately wanting something to eat.  Wrens are clinging birds so they usually do quite well hanging from a suet feeder, but this little guy looked like he was questioning his skills.

As I snapped the camera, I said, “Go on little one, take a chance.  Everybody’s got to learn and you can do it.”

Again, in a flash, he flew away.

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