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Find Your Sanctuary

The word sanctuary brings to mind a sacred place or, perhaps, a safe haven.  I can remember when raising our two young daughters, I always wanted our home to be a safe haven for them…a place to which they would enter and they were safe, feeling loved beyond measure and where their minds were nurtured toward independent, creative thinking.  I wanted our home to be a sanctuary to them where they could be their true and cherished selves.  For the most part, I think, we achieved that yet there were the usual child-rearing squabbles and disciplines, being sent to their rooms to contemplate what they had done and, oh yes, the slamming of doors! 😉

In our world today, we need sanctuaries, perhaps, more today than ever.  What do you think of that?  Some of us know we need sanctuaries and go into their presence frequently and that is good.  I fear that way too many folks don’t give needing a sanctuary much thought.  They many not even be aware they exist or what the value of them is.  Then, there are many, many of us that know quite well the value of sanctuary, but ne’er a one is on their radar.

I believe God Our Father wants the same thing for His children, you and me and everyone else, as I did for my two daughters.  He’s right with us throughout the days and nights wanting us to come to be in His Divine Presence where we are safe, where we can feel His love beyond measure and where He wants to nurture our hearts, souls and minds into perfect peace.  Every morning at 9:30 I get an alert on my iPhone…I don’t even have to look at it, to know its God.  Yep, its God and it goes like this:

God – Good morning, Pat.  I have something I want to tell you.

Me – Oh, God, thank you for a wonderful rest overnight and keeping me safe.  Right now?

God – Yes, it won’t take long.  I want to talk with you about one of your favorite Psalms, 61:4.  One of your favorite topics, sanctuary or refuge.

Me – As I stretch my arms and back, I straighten up and say, of course, I’m right with you, Father.  I grab my iPhone and its already on the page of scripture, Psalm 6:4 –I will abide in Your tabernacle forever;  I will trust in the shelter of Your wings.”  King David cried our to our Father as do I.  He offers us refuge no matter where we are.

Well, this conversation with God came to me this morning through my Our Daily Bread app on my phone.  Today I read Psalm 61 and I also learned from Jennifer Benson Schuldt about the Vancouver, British Columbia charity, Rain City Housing, that has created specialized benches for the homeless that convert into temporary shelters.  The back of the bench pulls up to create a roof to shield from rain and wind.  Especially interesting is that at night these sleeping places are easy to find because they feature a GLOW-IN-THE-DARK message that reads: THIS IS A BEDROOM.  How cool is that!!!

Jennifer also goes on to say “the need for shelter can be physical and it can be spiritual as well.  God is a refuge for our souls when we are troubled.”

So, going back to my thoughts on sanctuaries.  Being a naturalist, I have numerous natural areas in God’s creation that I consider sanctuaries for me.  I find numerous church sanctuaries or worship centers as refuges for a spiritual connection with God the Father.  All these nurture my mind, soul and heart toward perfect peace.

Our world today is busy, chaotic, and scary at times.  Let us intentionally seek Your refuge, Father, and feel Your nurture for our minds, hearts and souls.


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  1. 12-29-2015

    Dear Pat,
    Your word on sanctuary couldn’t be more timely! My bride has agreed to camp with me in the Everglades, a sanctuary or holy place, for me…not sure, it is yet for her but it is a place for me to see God’s glory and experience first hand God’s wondrous creation and our small but important place in it. This kind of adventure is life giving to my soul.

    • 12-29-2015

      Wonderful! Yay, Penny! Hope it’s blessings-filled for you both!!

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