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Finding Your Sanctuary

What is your sanctuary?  Sanctuary is said to be a refuge or haven…somewhere we might seek out in a time of trouble.  It can be somewhere physical, like a church “sanctuary” or perhaps, somewhere natural.  For me, it’s both types of places…certainly the holiness of a church sanctuary and the worship of God Himself.  He IS my refuge.

When God created each of us He gave us our body…the outward self, and our soul which enables us to think, feel emotions like joy and sorrow. He also created in each of us our spirit.  This is the deepest part of our being and it is through our spirit that we communicate with God  and worhip Him.

Today’s world and society is chaotic and troublesome to most of us from time to time.  For some, it seems choaotic and even frightful most of the time.  Having a sanctuary and knowing what, where it is is critical today in our overall healthfulness, reducing blood pressure and blood sugar and stress we all experience.

Some places of refuge for some folks are found in soft, classiscal music, doing yoga and meditation, walking in a wooded area in the midst of God’s handiwork during Creation.  For others it may be reading, writing,  cooking, walking or jogging for exercise, visiting your worship center and spending time in quiet prayer.

When I first moved to Florida and found Wakodahatchee Wetlands, I quickly realized this was a true source of relaxation for me that always brought forth a sense of joy and thankfulness in me as I observed the lovely south Florida wading birds I love so much.  In the winter we begin to see these large birds with huge wingspans selecting their mates, performing their beautiful and inspiring mating displays and building their nests in which to raise their new young.  Every time I am there, I am in awe of the beauty of the wildlife and the natural wetlands that God created.  I am at peace eventhough the world’s chaos is just nearby.  This is my sanctuary.

What’s yours?

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