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Forgiveness…The Gift

Whenever you feel that you just can’t possibly get over & recover from what someone has done to you, perhaps a broken trust, damaging words, or, perhaps, what someone took from you…how can you possibly go on , move forward? You might be thinking of revenge, but then you would have to deal with the guilt. So you mark that off your list.

Perhaps, you think “I’ll just stuff it down way deep inside and maybe it will just disappear.” Then, you think of the pain that all the other things you’ve stuffed down that still make your heart ache and your gut hurt and the river of tears that even today still flow. Then, you realize that’s not really an option.

What can you do???? NOTHING is too big, too bad, too painful, to unspeakable for God to help you with. Nothing! Even if you have never turned to Him before, He’s there, waiting and He wants your biggest and smallest hurts. His Holy Spirit is our Holy Comforter and His desire is to dwell within you, always.

So, what do you do? Think of yourself as an earthen vessel. Then ask for His help…

Spirit of the Living God,

Fall afresh on me.

Break me, melt me.

Mold me, fill me.

He will do this as you trust Him.  He will take your brokenness and fill you with His healing Spirit. He will have instilled in you the Gift of Forgiveness. Are you thinking, “I can’t forgive him/her for devastating me!!”

When we realize that we CAN forgive that someone who has caused us such pain, we will realize that the GIFT is really one that we give to ourselves. Living our life journeys with a forgiving heart, nurtured by our Living God, is a blessing received from the Most High.

Accept it and heal.

Thanks be to God.

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