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“Globalization of Indifference”

Pope Francis ushers in the season of Lent challenging Christians to forget about denying ourselves candy or favorite activities.  Rather than those exercises, he challenges us to take actions that “truly enrich others.”  Sort of like do it ’til it hurts.  Then, when it really hurts, that is sacrifice.

The Pope’s message to the Christian world…to our whole world comes at a peak time, the peak is the sharply risen indifference to others and God.  As our world grows more populous, more chaotic, more dangerous, more challenging the reality is that there is more need, more suffering, and more opportunity, the opportunity is for those of us who have homes to live in, clothing on our backs, food on our tables, doctors for healthcare, churches and synagogues to worship to reach out to those in dire need to make a difference and share the message of hope.

But, Pope Francis’s message is that we need to notice where the need and suffering is so we know where and how to serve our Lord and help.  When we are so focused on our own needs, wants, schedules we sometimes just don’t notice the plight of others.  So, the Pope says lets not fast from candy or our favorite activity but fast from the indifference to others and to God.  By intentionally fasting from this indifference our eyes and hearts will be opened and we can really make a meaningful difference!

Opening our eyes and hearts to others and God will move us further on the path to Jesus’s last commandment…”Love one another.”


  1. 2-20-2016

    In Genesis 12:2 God speaks to Abram, conveying God’s blessing upon him as well as God’s promise to be faithful to keep all of God’s promises to him…for the purpose of making Abram a blessing to others. As Francis suggests, what God has done for us, God has done for more than just us. Lent is the journey with Jesus to the Cross…which He endured…for us. So too, our journey, is about more than us. We are blessed…to be a blessing…to make God’s invisible presence visible…in and through us.

    • 2-21-2016

      Beautifully said, Lucky. God is so gracious. What a walk we have!

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