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Here I Am, Lord, Send Me!

Do you remember in elementary school when your teacher asked a question and you knew the answer and, with such enthusiasm, raised your hand.  Perhaps you even shook your hand to get the teacher’s attention…”see me, over here…I know, I know.  Call on me!”  Or perhaps the teacher had asked “who would take this to the office for me?”  You most likely raised your hand like I did and maybe even called out, “I will; send me!”

How about when you were on the field dividing up for teams?  There were two team captains announcing their choices one by one.  The desire to be selected probably made your heart race a bit waiting to hear your name called.

Every single day, we have opportunities to call out to God and say, “Hear I am, Lord; send me!”  Our busy lives sometimes get in the way.  We have families to nurture and raise, jobs to work, friends to enjoy and the list goes on.  As Christians, we know that we are the body of Christ…He uses us to carry His love to those in need.  That’s why we support organizations like the Salvation Army, Fifth Street Ministries, Iredell Christian Ministries and United Way.  We know that those who are homeless, jobless, and are hungry – not only for food but love – turn to churches and organizations such as these for help, for a life line as they feel they are close to sinking.

Our nation was stunned and full of sorrow when we saw the devastation that the horrific tornadoes caused in Oklahoma earlier this summer.  Events like this sober us so and our entire beings are jolted into a state of “what now?”  First responders from other communities even on the other side of our country went to help.  Churches sent mission groups to do what they could.  Individuals gave much-needed financial resources to assist and all in the name of compassion and brotherly love.

What we need to remember is all that need is out there EVERY day…in our workplaces, our neighborhoods or our schools.  Our senses are not heightened as during a catastrophe but the need is there just the same.

The body of Christ.  There is a contemporary Christian song  “If We are the Body…”

“If we are the body, why aren’t His arms reaching?  Why aren’t His hands healing?  Why aren’t His words teaching? Why are His feet not going?  Why is His love not showing?”

God counts on us every day to be His hands, to share His words of love and encouragement.

Do you hear God calling you?  Do you stop and listen to hear His question, “Who will go…?”

I need to raise my hand more often and, like in elementary school, with real enthusiasm.

Here I am, Lord; send me!

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