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He’s Just A Mockingbird?

Today has been cold and windy…making it feel colder than it really was.  The birds have been so active in the yard, scurrying around, feeding frequently and interacting with one another…and ME!  My resident mockingbird keeps a close watch on me when I am outside.  I recall one day as I was in my kitchen photographing him through the window, I was surprised when he made perfect eye contact and flew straight toward me!  Surely wish I had had my camera set on video because it would have been a priceless capture.

Today though, I have observed him on his “regular” perch high up on the holly tree overseeing the yard and all the other visitors in a peaceful and stoic manner.  I got several photos of him even allowing two finches to rest just inches away enjoying the sun as well.  I like the markings on his wings and think he looks somewhat handsome in his attire.  Must be the bath he had in Wednesday’s rain.

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