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Holy Laughter!

One of my best friends…a friend of 47 years, and I live at opposite ends of the state.  We ALWAYS have what I refer to as Holy Laughter every time we are together whether it is in person or over the phone.  Now, my definition of the Holy Laughter I am referring to is not the  charismatic Christian Holy Laughter where uncontrollable laughter goes on during worship services.  My referenced Holy Laughter is laughter that comes most times so unexpectedly that it thrills  and, in a way, heals us, perhaps of an ailing or tired spirit .  This laughter, you’ve experienced it I am certain, is when we laugh such a hardy laugh that we are uplifted in such appreciation for the momentary joy.  Were I writing a dictionary entry describing this wonderful enjoyment of the moment, I certainly would include the words “extreme joyous expression of some good-natured occurrence.”

My niece has been recovering from viral meningitis over the last month.  We have all been concerned about her, having been hospitalized four times during this period.  So many prayers have gone up for her and she is persisting with a strong spirit and faith throughout.  No doubt, she has inspired many by her faithful patience as her body ever so slowly heals.  During this same period of time, I was having numerous medical tests and we enjoyed a chuckle about the fact that we were both having Brain MRIs the same day, wondering if we could get a “Buy One – Get One” rate.  We certainly weren’t joking about the seriousness of our both NEEDING Brain MRIs.

While I was running errands, she texted me and reported she had had to go back to her doc’s office to get 2 more bags of IV fluids because she had gotten so weak and dehydrated again.  Of course, I was concerned.  So I parked my car outside the last store I had to go in and gave her a quick call.  She told me how her day had gone, what the doc had said and that she was already feeling a little stronger.  We shared our faith again and then I needed to tell her something really quick so I could go in the store, finish my shopping and get right home.  When I did (sorry, I just can’t put what I said out there on the internet), I wish you could have heard her laugh!  Then, I laughed and I am sure the woman parked beside me must have REALLY wondered because this Holy & Healing Laughter continued for a bit.  It was so good to hear her laugh like that.  It truly made her feel better and me too!

So now, I’m in Florida visiting my daughter whose husband has been unemployed for 3 years.  You can imagine the struggle with two little children, having lost their home, etc., etc.  So she and I were in the grocery store taking advantage on Buy One-Get One Free specials.  Looking at this, …”oh no, that’s too expensive.”  Oh, this looks good.  “Yes, but we’re just not spending that much right now.”  OK.  Then, as I was looking at something else, from a slight distance I remarked something to her and the two of us practically collapsed in laughter. Two grown women in the grocery store holding theselves up at the meat and dairy cases…and this went on and on…emotional release, obviously.  This is what I call Holy Laughter and the two of us felt the joy of being together, of handling the situtation, of understanding one another and ENJOYING this healthy, cardio stress relieving, joyous outburst.  Thank you, God!

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  1. 12-22-2011

    You’re good. I know that laughter and you put it very well. Here’s to many moments of that over the holidays!

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