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Come, Lord Jesus, Our guest to be.

Bless these gifts bestowed by Thee.

Bless our loved ones everywhere

And keep them in Thy loving care.

As Christians, we don’t really have to invite Jesus into our hearts,  He is there.  But, this Advent season I am paying special attention to being open to hearing from God just what he wants me to gain from the lighting of the candles, the lovely music, the Scriptures, prayer, the sermons and the devotionals.   I’m coaching myself to be aware that His desire may come to me in a soft whisper, a loud message or even a look on someone’s face…in their eyes.

So, thus far, God has laid out for me to understand that Hope and Trust are very connected.  Do you feel you see less of Trust in your life, your world?  For someone to have Hope, they must Trust that God is real.  He’s there.  He won’t disappoint by not showing up.  If we can truly Trust, then, indeed, we can have Hope… and abundantly.  

I’m also focusing on Intentional behavior.  It’s good for us to Intentionally invite Christ the King into our hearts because when we actually invite Him in, we prepare ourselves for our Guest.  I think about what I want to do to be ready for His Presence.  I am Intentionally de-cluttering…not the living room, but my mind and my heart so I can be a Good Listener.  

I want to be ready.

Yes, O Come, O Come Emmanuel.



  1. 12-21-2015

    Pat, you have said it so clearly! Faith or trust is based on God’s faithfulness in the past. Hope, is based on God’s promises for the future. Love is our response in the present based on God’s past and God’s promised future…which is why Paul says love is the greatest…it is faith based on hope on display. Merry Christmas!

    • 12-26-2015

      Thank you,Lucky, your words are beautiful as is our Savior’s promise of hope! 🙂

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