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How Things Change

When I was younger with little ones running around barefoot with a high level of noise and excitement near the arrival of the Baby Jesus AND Santa Claus, I used to answer the question, “What do you want for Christmas?”  with the half-giggled response  “Peace and Joy!”  Oh, brother, did I want Peace and Joy!!!!  As years passed, I realized soon enough, Peace, was far off in the distance and, besides, I had always been a glass half-full kind of gal and one who, thankfully, realized Joy often presented itself right in the MIDST of chaos.  I had some chaos!!

Now, the bare feet are those of grand children adored whether 25, 21,11 or 8 years of age…its just the sound their bare feet create has changed…some pitter patter while others boom-boom actually like the reindeer on the roof.  And when I am asked that same question, “What do you want for Christmas?” my response is the same but without the giggle, though; “Peace and Joy!”

Now, that desire for Peace and Joy is more like a very sincere prayer.  I really do hope for Peace and Joy…not just for my life or my home or my family and friends but for our WORLD.  I’m still that glass half-full gal, and I still affirm that there has to be darkness for the Light to shine, I just don’t like to feel that I am seeing more darkness…and its not cataracts because I’ve been there and done that with removal and new lenses.

When I watch the evening news, I am totally silent, mostly in dismay over the criminal acts, the expressed strife that so many riots and rebelling represent, the horrific beheading of innocent people by evil doers who claim to be acting in the name of Allah, the never-ending anti-semitic warfare Israel must experience, the countless school, workplace, large public places shootings, bombings, etc. etc.  I feel our world is in a state of morph…and not in a good way.  So, as NBC has started when closing out the nightly news, they offer a final report that makes the soul smile a bit…I find myself doing my own version of perspective adjustment by  adding to my prayer list those identified throughout the newscast in need of prayer.  My problem now being a septuagenarian (even though I cannot pronounce it)is, I seem to drift off into another train of thought or fall asleep before I cover the entire prayer list.  I do firmly feel that God knows what is in our hearts so I do believe He has received all my prayers whether I was awake or not going down my list.  Isn’t God just so amazing!!!

Yes, things…even we change.  I’m 70 years old.  My doctor says I’m shorter.  My doctor also says I don’t NEED ice cream.  I like her anyway.   I don’t stand quite as straight  now.  I don’t have as much energy.  I live alone but don’t feel alone.  I love more people.  For some reason, I think more people love me.  I see God EVERY day and talk to Him off and on all day long. God puts up with me.  God orders my steps.  I am so thankful.

So what about Peace and Joy?  If I have Peace in my heart there will always be Joy in my life.  The way we deal with the darkness in our world is to shine our Light.  Light overcomes darkness…there is NO PUTTING IT OUT!  Can you imagine how bright our world would be if EVERYONE would shine his/her light!!

Let’s go light our world!!!



  1. 12-27-2014

    Amen and Amen! May your life, Pat, be filled with Peace and Joy for many years to come! I’m am so blessed to be part of those whom you love more and who love you! And by the way, there are times we all need ice-cream!

    • 12-27-2014

      And may your life be equally as peaceful and joyous, Shelley! We are totally on the same plane of thought regarding ice cream. It just melts and trickles down becoming nothing, so what’s the problem? Eh?

  2. 2-2-2015

    Beautifully said, Pat. We are meant to be His Light in this world.

    • 2-13-2015

      Yes, Jan, and across the miles I see how your light shines in the lives of so many!!!

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