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Identity Crisis???

I think my mockingbird is having an identity crisis.  He has NEVER been quite so rude in territorial behavior.  I don’t mind that he eats from my suet feeder, he has had to work hard to learn to do it.  Not being a clinging bird, he was quite challenged at it in the beginning.  But, now, he swoops down and scares everyone and anyone away and even chases them in their retreat.  This behavior is such a departure from his previous mild manner and cooperative residency.  

In the past, he has ruled the yard…sitting high up on the big holly tree otherwise known as “air traffic control,”  in the ‘hood.  He looked so stately and handsome, but now…he has undergone some kind of a wretched personality change.  I think I am going to ask Santa to bring me one of those gigantic “soaker water guns.”

Today, I saw him dive-bomb a downy woodpecker and a little chickadee from high above.  He didn’t even hang around to eat, he just was flexing his muscles and making me angry.

I’m giving him fair warning, the “soaker” is coming out and it will NOT be pretty!!

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