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OK, OK, OK!!!!  So, I KNOW I am birding in a marvelous wetland, so full of gorgeous waterfowl, breeding and raising their young in various stages of maturation.  And, I know that part of the area is going to be W-E-T and part of it will be on L-A-N-D.  Note to self: “be on the lookout for snakes because I am certain there are some out here!”  OK!  A those frogs I hear making that huge sound, they’re here whether I can SEE them or not!  OK!  “And remember, there is a FOOD CHAIN, so I might see something fairly GROSS!  Still OK!!!  I’m good!  Lovin’ it ALL!

I have walked & viewed & snapped photos for about an hour now all on a nice boardwalk built over the W-E-T part…I’m approaching an area of land where I can see we get back on another boardwalk.  How PRETTY this is.  I am so BLESSED to be able to be here witnessing all this beauty.  I see a little duck of some sort.  I’m trying to get a better view of it down in the water.  I hear a man up ahead say…”pssst!”  I look up and he motions for me to come to him…he has a huge, lovely camera with lenses as big as he is so I think, “He seems harmless.”  So I move ahead and he points and whispers “iguana.”  I lean over the railing looking near where the little duck was like the iguana might be on the railing.

The man whispers a little louder, “no, THERE!!”  Inside, I scream…Oh, MY HEAVENS!!!!!!!!  IGUANA ALERT!!!  I have never seen an iguana THAT huge! It was the size of a child…it had to have been longer that six ft. head to toe and what a B-I-G head it was.  I just stood in amazement that God had created it AND that God knew just when to schedule its crossing my path.  It looked like it could have eaten the man with the camera and human-size lens AND me in one gulp!

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