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In the Queue

As I struggled for half the day yesterday over a single internet issue, I found myself on “HOLD” with Tech Support a good bit and seriously giving thanks for my iPhone.  That little device kept me in the loop conducting business and staying in touch and I really, really did thank God that I had that access.  That little screen did my eyes no favors, but I was not dead in the water as I might have been. As I waited, I wondered, “Does God really want to hear from me about my thankfulness for a thing such as my iPhone?  Really?”  Well, I certainly can’t answer for God, but I do know certain things about my life experience in His gracious presence.

1st – I know God truly loves me…not just some generic being but ME!  I am the one He created and He loves me as a Father loves a child and in my family THAT is some BIG love!!

2nd – I know God cares about my life…ALL of it!  He cares and loves and supports and strengthens and cautions and calms and comforts during times like my two mastectomies, my parents’ deaths, my divorce!  But, he also cares and loves and supports and strengthens and cautions and calms and comforts me when I am so frustrated with my computer that I cannot see straight and I feel like I am going to commit hari kiri.  So, I know that God is with me at all times including what we might perceive as mundane moments of our lives.

3rd – I know that God wants to hear from me, not just in the BIG moments but in my everyday living moments.

So, how does God listen to ALL of us…EACH of us and if we all talk to him simultaneously, can you just imagine what that must be like for Him?  Well, I don’t have to worry about HOW He can do that.  He can do that because He is Who He is…He is God!  I can’t imagine how God does all He does, how He can be here for every single person every moment in life, yet, I KNOW it is so.  We think with our earthly minds.  We are incapable of imagining how God is who He is and how He does what He does for us.  In talking with someone who does not know God, this unknowing person says, “I just can’t see that.”  Of course he can’t, he does not see with God’s eyes, think with God’s mind or love with God’s heart.  We only see the finished side of a tapestry hanging on a wall, but there are all sorts of knots, twists, etc. that make it a beautiful work of art.  God sees all.

As I continued to wait on “HOLD” for the next representative, I gave thanks to God that I have access to Him every nanosecond and I am never placed on “HOLD.”  I realize that God wrote the book on Customer Service, but then, there’s the “other book” He wrote that’s way more essential.

And then I hear, “you’re now 17th in the queue…”

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    Love the skeleton!

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