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Invasion of the American Robin

Who doesn’t love the American Robin?  To me, the bird has always signified motherhood, family and all those sentimental memories that make us feel warm and fuzzy.  I even named one of my daughters Robin, for heaven’s sake!

One of the treasures in my backyard that many birds frequent is the Holly Tree!  Nuthatches, chickadees, cardinals, mockingbirds, blue jays, house finches, sparrows, and my beloved Tufted Titmouse use it as shelter, a resting place and dine on the berries.

Yesterday, as my coffee was brewing, I was enjoying a look out the kitchen window.  All of a sudden, I felt like I was standing on the USS Nimitz watching a fly-over.  There had to be at least 20 robins flying in, out and around the holly tree.  Some would perch for a bit while others fluttered their wings and took flight again.  This continued for a few minutes so I got my camera to capture a few photos.  The robins were devouring the holly berries.  I captured on video a robin eating SIX berries one right after the other. It was, at times,  comical to watch the big birds, not really known that much for perching, flapping their wings to balance themselves as they leaned over to grab a berry or two.  I saw more than a couple quickly fly away without much grace at all having lost their balance.

The next thing I observed was that I didn’t see any nuthatches or chickadees or cardinals…guess they decided to take cover elsewhere.  Smart little birds I thought.  After the congregation of robins left, my “regulars” recognized the coast was clear and returned to their usual carrying on.

I do know that even the American Robin migrates when temperatures get really cold flying south until they arrive in an area warm enough for the winter.  Some that are very hardy will winter-over in colder areas knowing what their food and shelter sources are.  They are known to arrive in flock, just as “mine” did, and holly berries are what they’re after.  My tree is pretty big and I have always felt that if I am away for an extended vacation, my birds always have the holly on which to dine.

Well, there’s less holly now because the dive-bombing robins are back today!    The top of the holly tree is already somewhat barren looking today.  

So, I’m deep into a visualization therapy today…I’m seeing a warm spring day where I have noticed a sweet robin’s nest with pretty blue eggs ready to hatch and the mother robin is on the ground checking for a worm.  I already feel better!


  1. 2-2-2012

    I love Robins. 🙂 Looking forward to having coffee and watching birds with you one day.

    • 2-2-2012

      Same here, Brent! Thanks for visiting my blog and come back soon.

  2. 2-2-2012

    Thank you for your card tonight. I’m checking out your web site. I enjoyed the robin story!! My oldest son and I have had this “competition” for years to see who can spot the first robin. The seven years he lived in Buffalo was a shoo-in for me. Last week, when I looked out into my backyard filled with robins, I went straight to the computer to to declare my victory. Matt is in China on a business trip. Are there Chinese Robins??? Well, I saw mine first!

  3. 2-3-2012

    You’re the early bird that got the worm!!

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