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Joy of Birding

I’m what I would consider a late-comer to birding and photography.  It’s an activity or hobby that can be enjoyed on a daily basis or on special occasions like vacations.  For me, no matter where I am, I am watching and listening for birds.  Having become more and more interested in birding and nature photography, I find that wherever I am for whatever purpose, my senses are unintentionally activated into search or recognition  mode. When I go walking, I am always listening for bird calls and the photographer in me is keenly looking for a good “angle” or framing opportunity.  Sometimes, the most interesting photo can be determined by what the subject is next to or what the camera’s eye looks through to capture it.

I offer in this section of my blog, tips from me about my experience but even more important professional instruction for the Pros Who Now…Audubon, Cornell Lab of Ornithology and others.  So come back to visit often and enjoy God’s gift of Nature!

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