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Love Feast

This morning is the kind of morning I really enjoy.  We have a soft, constant rain.  The lawn needs it, the birds LOVE it and it is quite relaxing to just listen to.  My home-office is in my guestroom which has a large window outside which I have a crepe myrtle with two bird feeders.  I ALWAYS have my camera, loaded and ready to go!  As I write, I can glance out the window to enjoy the bird activity.  Today has been amazing.  So much activity.  Titmice, goldfinches, house finches, white-breasted nuthatch, little Downy woodpeckers,  many cardinals, an irritating starling or two or three, brown thrashers and a blue jay.  All flying in and out taking their turns at the feeders with the female cardinal and brown thrasher hanging in for longer anticipating their male partners will come with a morsel of nourishment to fill their tummies and soothe their souls.  Ah, soul mates!!

The rain does so much for us…watering our crops, washing away pollen, and the birds perched in a tree drink from the leaves as they flutter away having a little bath and preening.  Fun to watch and I must give thanks to our Creator for such imagination in His Creation that always provides a great moment of communing for me.  Praise God!!


  1. 6-6-2012

    This is beautiful, Pat! I love the way the male Cardinals feed their mates. It’s so precious. Too bad some human males don’t take a lesson from this. :- )

    • 6-6-2012

      Lynette, funny to think about! I guess it’s because God gave man free will! 🙂

  2. 6-6-2012

    Pat, this is lovely, and I completely agree with you about a cool, rainy June morning. I managed to stay in my nightgown until lunchtime! And thank you for the nice things you said about my post. It’s been a tough 24 hours. If I read something correctly of yours, I should be wishing you a good sabbatical on the beach???

    • 6-6-2012

      Yes, you are right…a sabbatical with ones I love immensely and get to see far too little living so far apart. There won’t be ANY days of in my gown ’til lunch but there will be many, many days on the beach. I am so looking forward to this and thanking the Good Lord that I am at a point in my life where I can just go!! Thank you, dear.

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