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Mother’s Day

I have been keenly aware of the great fortune of my brother and me, having been born to the parents we shared.  Our mother and father blessed us with joyous love and nurturing to last our entire lives.  For this, we are so very thankful!  When I got married, my parents-in-law were the absolute salt of the earth and loved me like their flesh & blood daughter.  I truly felt like I had two sets of loving parents.

When we had our own two daughters, my life became so complete, so full of wonder and, again, I realized how fortunate I was.  It is truly the greatest honor and privilege to have the opportunity to be a mother.  While my daughters were young, I was fortunate to be able to stay at home with them before they started school, fully investing in their development and growth and in my marriage.  Raising children is the most awesome job in this world and it not only contributes to them and their development but, I believe, it contributes to the welfare of our world as well.

There is a little piece of my heart that is always sad on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day when I ponder the awareness that not all who would like to have had children, could.  I also am aware of friends and associates who are estranged from their parents or children and I wish so much that each year as these special days that so many celebrate arrive, those who are not celebrating  might just decide to attempt to bridge that gap and give relationships another try.  

Single people living in a society that is seems focused on couples find it lonely at times and I know that those without children or estranged from loved ones have expressed that same experience at times.  Sadly, for some families alienated time may be running out sooner than later due to age or illness.

So this weekend as my family and I celebrate Mother’s Day sprinkled across the country (thank you, Facetime and Skype!!), I hope all families can focus on the possible joy and, perhaps, reach out to seek it once more…in love.


  1. 5-10-2014

    You are sensitive and loving. Thank you for your appreciative heart of all that God is giving you. Thank you for being a friend and may God give you a wonderful Mother’s Day. Love you Pat, John

    • 7-8-2014

      Johnny, so good to hear from you. God has blessed us both with wonderful mothers whose love has sustained us throughout our lives. Peace to you!

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