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NC’s Wild Horses

NC Tourism boasts the Wild Horses maintained along the coast for hundreds of years.  They all descend from the Spanish Mustangs brought to the area in the 1500s.  NC has three residences for the horses in Shackleford, Corolla and Ocracoke.  Those on Shackleford roam totally free as there are no human inhabitants there.  In Ocracoke they are fenced in and in Corolla, they roam somewhat free among the dunes, beach and vegetation area.  All are looked after by the National Park Service.

On Ocracoke Island, the horses can easily be seen on the sound side of Highway 12.  These horses are fenced in and I was quite tickled to see the two I viewed each had their own “personal valet,” an egret keeping their area clean and void of irritation from flies.  Ugh!  They are beautiful animals and quite the survivors having been dumped off shipwrecks hundreds of years ago.

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