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“OK, I Will Call You Rock God!”

You may have seen the same TV commercial where someone’s new phone has the voice  response system and the phone responds to the new owner, “OK, I will call you Rock God.”  Seemingly, this makes the owner happy.  I know someone else whose co-worker has the new phone and from his office cubicle, she heard his phone respond, “OK, I will call you Luciousness!”  How funny…and maybe a little embarrassing, too.  Right?

It’s human nature for us to want people to like us, think we’re cool, and admire us.  Though, I’m pretty certain those desires don’t jive with God’s intent in creating us…”in His image???”

Folks with diabetes have to take really good care of their feet.  Like I have not actually walked bare-foot in a dozen years.  Never.  Not even in my house.  Not even in the ocean. With the way my knees will and will not bend now, I cannot trim my own toe nails, so there’s a BIG opportunity for me to get a pedicure every now and then.  (I watch the salon vigorously clean the bowl.)  I think my favorite part is the foot massage.  So, I selected a shade of polish that I thought would blend with about anything this spring/summer and am pleased with the outcome.

After drying and paying I bid my farewells but as I approached the door to leave, I called back to my nail tech in the back of the salon, “Oh, I’m sorry, but I really like the polish I selected…can you tell me the name, please?”

Loudly she responded, “Her Fabulous-ness!”

I left with red toe nails AND a red face!

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  1. 5-9-2012

    haha! I love this! You ARE Her Fabulous-ness in MY book, how apropos. =-D

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