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One World, One Creation
The anticipation of the arrival of the Christ child must have been exciting as well as more than a little stressful. A couple of years ago in church we focused on trying to determine what God wanted us to “see” through the season of Advent.
I thought a lot about maybe God really wanted us to be intentional and not just go through the motions–praying with intention, loving with intention, studying with intention, greeting one another with intention, serving with intention and rejoicing with intention.
In being intentional about preparing for the arrival of Christ, I thought of Mary and Joseph and how they were intentional to continue their long journey and to find a warm, safe place for the manger–in a stall. The Wise Men were intentional about following that star having selected the gifts they brought to honor the birth of our Messiah. So, I’m being intentional in sharing my thoughts with you, as we all seek the true hope and peace in our God’s gifts of love, compassion, healing, guidance, and most important of His preparing a place for each of us in His glorious Eternal Kingdom.
The year 2020 has been such a different time around our entire world. Perhaps, many of us have had a fresh reminder that we are One World, One Creation–so much brokenness, despair, loss, and, yes, hate. We must remember there is healing Light that each of us can shine as we intentionally work to reflect the gifts of our Creator.
I wish for you the Joy and Peace that this season brings, and may it remain in our hearts always. Let us share it with intention to all in the hope of creating a more peaceful world we share.

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