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Royalty in the Backyard

I recall with excitement the day I saw my first bluebird visiting at my feeder.  Bluebirds don’t usually eat from back yard feeders as they prefer insects, berries and fruits.  However, the bluebirds seem to have an interest in my high fat suet feeder. Because of their beautiful bright color, there’s no mistaking what you see.  I was working at my computer in the guest room and glanced out the window and such a sight it was!  I had my camera nearby so I was able to snap a pretty good photo of this bird.  A friend has had bluebirds nesting in her yard for years.  I was a little envious.  One day, I watched her clean the nest out which is a healthy thing to do for the birds.

The count of bluebirds dropped significantly not too many years back because of harsh winters and use of dangerous pesticides.  In America, there has been a calling to provide nest boxes for bluebirds to build their nests in and it has had a positive effect.  Counts are Up!

The male and female are not monogamous and DNA testing of eggs has indicated the eggs are not always from the “supposed father” tending to the female and nest.  If a male loses his mate to tragedy as can happen in the bird world, he will quickly seek another mate.  They may have multiple broods in a year.

Their bright royal blue coloring, I suppose, is what makes me feel they are royalty of the backyard.


  1. 12-9-2011

    Gorgeous bird. Blue is my favorite color.

    • 12-9-2011

      I was actually wondering about your favorite color today and thought it just might be blue…other than Crimson.

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