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Snake in the Grass???

As a child, I grew up hearing reference to someone who was being sly & sneaky as a “snake-in-the-grass.”  Well, earlier this week I had taken a walk and was interested in a natural area along a preserve that backed up to our apartment complex.  Standing on the sidewalk I saw a sign on the fence gate, “Handicapped Accessible.”  I thought, well OK, I’ll give it a try.  Beautiful surrounding, melodious birds, lovely sub-tropical trees and flora and I was watching carefully for snakes.  Nice walk with no encounter of  of snakes but I did encounter a large turtle/terrapin.  We both froze in place upon seeing one another.  I’m thinking, “Even with my knees that seem older than I am, I think I could out-run him.”  So, very slowly and carefully I passed within 2 feet of him and went on my way.

Then, yeterday, my  5-yr old granddaughter Emma and I were at the pool enjoying a nice swim in the Florida humidity.  She’s such a little fish, swimming under water, above, on her back, her tummy and loving to float on her back like Grandma.  She had seen a piece of a palm frond in the pool, so she dove down and retrieved it and got my praise.  About 10 minutes later, we moved back to that end of the pool and she spied a black stick she said she would retrieve.  I walked closer to it to see and lo and behold it was a 4 ft. SNAKE!!!!!!  Now, I was prepared for a possible snake in the GRASS, but NOT in the pool!!  I quickly picked her up and threw her toward the steps and yelled, “Get out of the pool NOW!!”  I think it scared her but not as much as that SNAKE-IN-THE-POOL scared me.

Turned out to be just a black racer, but to me…a snake is a snake!!! and when my grands and I are in the pool, it’s OUR territory!!!

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