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Solving World Problems

Ocracoke Island, one of the barrier islands along the NC coast, is such a quaint village.    The ferry ride is about a 45 minute experience in itself.  I like getting out of my car and taking in the abundance of nature and meeting other folks going over.  I’ve seen dolphins escorting the ferry across the water, sea gulls, pelicans, etc.  Stepping onto the island soil, one immediately feels the relaxing, laid back lifestyle of the residents as well as the visitors.  Even if you take your car over, there is much to do just walking or biking.

One day a friend and I were navigating the island and turned down a road we had not visited before.  Small, quaint homes adorned the dirt road and we came upon a pond.  Thankful to have had my camera with me, I grabbed it and got this wonderful little scene of ducks facing the water, appearing to be solving the problems of our world. 

Oh, were it that easy!



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