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Some Days Chickens, Some Days Feathers!

As a child, I never asked my daddy exactly what he meant when he would exclaim, “Some days chickens, some days feathers!”  I had my own interpretation.  I figured it meant when one is chasing a chicken, you might catch the chicken, if you’re lucky, or you just might grab a bunch of feathers and that’s it.  Sort of an “Oh, well…”  

I grew up in the city, but our next door neighbor had a housekeeper/cook who all the neighborhood kids liked to watch her S-T-R-E-T-C-H a chicken’s neck out across a tree stump and whack it’s head off!  Then, of course, came the fun part of watching the headless chicken run around the yard until it dropped over…dead.  I watched with enjoyment then, but today…I absolutely could not watch it all happen today.  :-0

But this post is not about chopping a chicken’s head off.  It’s about how some days are better than others, some periods in our lives are easier than others and how when we walk in faith, we have the assurance that “This too shall pass.”  Whether our struggle is getting through a life-threatening diagnosis, dealing with a long drawn out illness, raising a young family through YEARS of unemployment or searching for the purpose in one’s life, we DO know that our Creator is with us through it all and will guide us out of the wilderness.

When I captured this photo of this young male cardinal this morning, I have to admit I said to myself, “Bless his heart!”  He does, indeed, look so pitiful with his young little feathers piercing through his dark gray skin looking like a new hairstyle gone very bad!  But, just as soon as I had those thoughts, my thoughts jumped to the brilliantly handsome look he will have in just a couple of months…as God finishes his daily attire that brings so much color and life to our world.

So for him TODAY I say, “Some days chickens, some days feathers…just a lot more feathers for him!!!”


  1. 5-23-2012

    Never heard that expression before! Concise, interesting, you should give writing instruction!

    • 6-6-2012

      Thanks, Linda!

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